Localfood – Sketch Find & Order Food App


Localfood is a fresh, simple, clean and modern template designed for find restaurants and ordering food application. It contains all 31 screens in layered and organized elements. Each screen fully customizable, easy to use and carefully assembled in Sketch. This template is ready to use for iOS app.


  • 31 Screen Layouts
  • Pixel Perfect
  • 100% Vector and Customizable
  • Layered & Well Organized
  • San Francisco Fonts
  • Designed based on 375×812 Screen Resolutions
  • Designed in Sketch

Pages Included

  1. Splash Screen
  2. Onboarding 01
  3. Onboarding 02
  4. Onboarding 03
  5. Sign In
  6. Forgot Password
  7. Sign Up
  8. Set Location
  9. Choose Location
  10. Popular Location
  11. Browse
  12. Cuisines
  13. Restaurants Listing 01
  14. Restaurants Listing 02
  15. Restaurants Listing 03
  16. Filter
  17. Restaurant Details 01
  18. Restaurant Details 02
  19. Menu
  20. Search Focus
  21. Search Default
  22. Dish Details 01
  23. Dish Details 02
  24. Dish Details 03
  25. Orders
  26. Favorites
  27. Notifications
  28. Account
  29. Nearby
  30. Cart
  31. Checkout

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How to Use Sketch Files

Add or Replace Images: Select the Layers Group section of Artboard, double click on the Layer with Mask name, and you can adjust on the right side by clicking “Select Image”. You can also edit any text, color or any font file by double click and change the same.


All images are just used for preview purpose only and replaced with Placeholder Images. They are not part of the template and not included in the final purchase files.

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